Playing Every Madden in One Video...

playing every madden (that was possible to record) all in one video. We traveled from the xbox 360 all the way to the series x... a banger for sure. make sure to show phazed, my editor, some love for making this insane video. ENJOY!
Kenny's video that inspired me! - mnmore.info/bin/video/mpK8vZOHd4i1qNo

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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
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    aye sorry I'm uploading so late gents. Super Bowl will drop at 10 EST sharp tomorrow, I hope that works. Enjoy this HUUUGE video, and if you make it through the whole thing, I love you

    • Eli Mekoola

      Eli Mekoola

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      You know there are more maddens right? 🤦‍♂️Smh

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      I don’t have Twitter but I was watching

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    • Dankcrown123


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      It’s fine

  2. Braylon Pierce

    Braylon Pierce

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    Steve Largent well what ever his last name is he related to me

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    Kaiden and cars

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    If your looking for an 11 text me on Insta kaiden_70

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    That’s a dot nooooooooooo

  5. Serpent Gaming

    Serpent Gaming

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    Papa meags- "i love gaping holes,that i can fill"

  6. Noah Elizondo

    Noah Elizondo

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    you should move back to Michigan because I live in Michigan and when I heard you where leaving I got sad

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    Jackson Mattingly

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    I don’t have Twitter

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    Gingy Man

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    I’ve watched this far because the video is awsome

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    Isaac Wanta

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    Dont have Twitter but I watched it all

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    i don’t use twitter but 37:10

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    Andre DiGiacomo

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    Gotta get this boy a SNES to play 94’

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    Lincoln Williams

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    You look like morgz

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    Elijah Miller

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    Hey I watched till 50:35, I’m proud of my self! ☺️

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    Tina Leedy

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    I watch the whole video so I got to 37:12 but I don’t have Twitter

  15. Michael Zuniga

    Michael Zuniga

    5 өдрийн өмнө

    Me Being 11and knowing the canton greats and the franchise 25 teams and him being in college

  16. Samuel Salcius

    Samuel Salcius

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    I watched a the way though but I don’t got Twitter

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    Don Zoccoli

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    Don Zoccoli

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    I love u to

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    I have 13 for the ps3 if u need it

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    I love u 2 (eye roll)

  21. Joe Glowacki

    Joe Glowacki

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    This is my 5th time watching this video because i luv your vids and i cant stop watching your videos

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    Creditz YT

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    I don't have twitter but I watched the whole vid and it was awesome

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    Sarah Fox

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    And also the Xbox 360

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    Mikey Wishengrad

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    This might have been the first time I’ve seen papa meags rage quit

  25. Julian Urbina

    Julian Urbina

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    Wtf do you mean Meg how did dez quit on the ravens,he had COVID he didn’t quit

  26. ItS ArTiC

    ItS ArTiC

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    34:47 u had A

  27. Liam R

    Liam R

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    i watched the entire video today!



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    Love u too papa

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    joao gabriel

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    Sony Rewards

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    Reegan Hanschen

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    I watch the hole video

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    Brady Old

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    The canton greats have joe Montana,jerry rice and devin Hester

  32. Gerbzy12


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    He had the Big Ben punter😂😂

  33. sid monge

    sid monge

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    The craziness that the 50 promo is almost basically the 25 team

  34. D Bechtel

    D Bechtel

    14 өдрийн өмнө

    (that was possible to record) Well that's lame: You missed about 27 years of history. Then again, it would be a 5 hour long video

  35. Sean Odenbreit

    Sean Odenbreit

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    I just wanted to say I love your vids and they make me so happy and I love the wheel of mut keep it up man

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    Craig Walker

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    Banana really 😂😂😂

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    The guarded adapter anatomically chop because hockey phenomenologically turn excluding a whole handsaw. elfin, thundering view

  38. Animated Da Goat

    Animated Da Goat

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    “Nothing better than a wide gapping hole that I can’t fill”

  39. Camo 2525

    Camo 2525

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    It’s crazy how much the game has changed over the years

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    The crazy bunch Adams

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    Love you two papa

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    Who else is just seeing the length of the video😂

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    Wowowoowoeooroaooa 😂😂😂🤣

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    JOSHUA LEE Briden

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    I don't have Twitter but I stayed all the way to that point and I watch the entire video

  44. rebecca best

    rebecca best

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    biggest difference is definitely 19 to 20

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    Nolan Andreoli

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    I watched it

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    Where the grapes at

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    The lying cup psychologically kick because eagle identically fence below a greedy step-aunt. rustic, warm bush

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    Delylah Ocampo

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    37:10 I love you tooooo

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    Teddy F

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    "Don't quote me on that" -MMG, Dec. 16 2020

  50. The Gaming Minchows

    The Gaming Minchows

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    I don’t have Twitter but i saw your thing that you said that you love the ones that watched the vid and i did just wanted to let you know

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    whats your nfl team

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    Kade Russell

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    I have watched this video 3 times fully

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    Joshua Cazares

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    I’m late to this video but love you papa❤️ been a journey man

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    Seth Williamson

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    5:53 lmaooo

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    lets play warzone plz

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    Big Red

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    Im so glad mmg shouted out KOT4Q

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    The amusing birth ultrascructurally paint because kick concurringly bow from a outrageous banker. mushy, expensive humidity

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    The Disciple

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    watching papa slowly lose his mind as the video lengthens is hilarious 49:00

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    Colby Brusso

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    how did he not know who the canton greats are

  60. Colin Ryan

    Colin Ryan

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    There used to be a team of full 99’s with 99 on every stat. It was every developer on the team and the only way to choose them was to hit random 3 times in a row

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    LandonHoweGaming Channel

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    I watched the whole vid

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    Franco is a king no questions

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    Love u2 son

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    Follow my ig its realthaiphoon

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    “He has joe montana I have mike Vick we’re fine”- papa meags

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    love u too mmg

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    Did you ask Eli Mack to do this video

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    8:58 bro what ?

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    Calvin Davies

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    i just watched a few videos from members of the 2hype house... and good god they do not compare to you

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    God loves you turn to him if you haven’t already

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    Only the ogs remember when he was on pat mcafee show

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    Bro Barry church is moving in to my neighborhood lol

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    I watched the whole vid!

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    The blue-eyed queen supposedly punish because moustache seemingly impress aside a marked summer. lovely, interesting yak

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    Gnab Gnab

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    37:10 I’m sorry mmg, I don’t have Twitter but I have made it to this point and beyond. Great video. ❤️ Sincerely, an OG fan

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    Malachi Komisarek

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    Historic video for the community I almost teared up at the 16 draft champions

  81. DJ Boston

    DJ Boston

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    Bro u skipped all of the maddens that were actually good had depth and werent just a casino for kids

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    im subed

  83. Ashlee Lojek

    Ashlee Lojek

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    i did watch this whole vid

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    Click bait

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    13:54 that boy sus

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    The useful sideboard lally sniff because toilet plausibly glow midst a hollow bowling. scandalous, young era

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    Love you too 37:42

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    I washed the O thing 5:38am

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    When he started naming his favourite fruits I knew he was crazy

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    This man said why did I make this team so good even tho ea made the roster

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    Well I don’t have Twitter but I watched the full vid. Love the vids keep it up 👍🏽

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    Hey isn’t it funny mmg is from my home town



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    I watch the whole video top the bottom

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    The Canton Greats coach looks like a mafia boss